Monday, August 15, 2011

Trash to Treasure

I absolutely love the endorphin rush I get from finding something no one wanted and transforming it into my own little gem!

This time the credit goes to my daughter. Awhile back we had one of those trash day pickups the city sponsors and everyone puts their trash to the curb for pickup...well my daughter must really pay close attention to me. On this day she came running in to me extremely excited to announce that the neighbor had put out a mirror and she was sure it was exactly what I have been wanting. To say I completely ignored her would be close, I think I said something to the tune of "I will look in a little bit". If you knew my daughter you would know she has a mind of her own and decided that would simple not do...So she retrieved the mirror herself and ran it in to me.

OMG!! I jumped up and down with her! She finally got the response she was looking for. I went outside to see if there was any more treasure to discover in my neighbors pile, only to see two trucks pull up taking the rest of the pile. And it hit me if she had not taken over.......

                                         My New Mirror
And here is what we decided to do with our fabulous find...

First we took it apart

Gave it 2 coats of gloss white

Turned the mirror over and spayed the back with chalkboard paint

Let dry


What do you think?

Now where are we hanging it? Seriously....not sure?

Maybe something like this!

Or we could repaint it?

Or use it outside?

Here is one I found for you online from Shabbymcfabby for $149.00 HERE

A great big "THANK YOU" to my daughter and my neighbor Lorie!! 

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