Thursday, September 8, 2011

Updated Dresser

 I finally decided to give some attention to some much needed rooms in our home. I can say I am satisfied with almost every room in our home except ...THE KIDS BEDROOMS....I would be so embarrassed for any to know I was a designer if they new what my children's rooms looked like!

My inspiration photo for my son's room

We started with this FREE find at a home we were remodeling. They homeowners gave us this after I maybe.... mentioned it once or twice that I really liked it.

Our fabulous FREE find!

At first We thought White Lacquered or Dark chocolate. My husband and son voted Dark chocolate. SO I went and bought the paint for it, but as usual I changed my mind half-way through the project.

Here is what I did..........

 Supplies needed for this project:

Drop Cloth
320 grit sandpaper
old cloth (3)
Wood stain
White spray Primer ( 3 cans for ours)
Grey spray primer (3 cans)
STEP 1: We started by numbering the drawers as we took them out. *Sometimes with older furniture the drawers only fit where they belong and I hate puzzling them after, so I took this extra step.(with pencil write on the bottom TOP Right or Right 1 and so on)

STEP 2:Lay everything on your drop cloth. Next with your old cloth clean any dust and dirt from all surfaces, let dry and with your sand paper give it a light sanding.

STEP 3: You are ready to apply the first coat of white primer......let dry 2-4 hours before applying a second coat.Let your second coat dry for 24 hours.

Step 4: Now you are ready to apply 2 coats of grey primer, allow 2 to 4 hours dry time in between coats. Wait 24 hours for next step.

Step 5: With your sandpaper, sand off softly a few layers of grey primer... depending on how much white you want to see. I barley sanded mine just enough to give it a softer grey finish and to smooth out the look. You need to use your old cloth here - it gets very messy and you must keep wiping off the grey primer dust as you go.

This is where I changed my mind..I really liked the look of the grey primer...... which I bought after the white primer(?) thinking it might help when I applied the Dark chocolate paint. Are you still following me? I often do things backwards:)

Step 6: Once you reached your desired look, you are ready to apply a stain I used Dark Walnut. Carefully load a small amount of stain on a clean old cloth and wipe in one motion all over your painted surfaces.

I chose not to seal my dresser..."if" it gets scuffed, it will only add character to it as it ages. Or..... I might change my mind and who once to strip furniture? NOT ME!

Let it dry completely and you are ready to re- assemble.

 What do you think? I will show you the rest of the room makeover soon!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Are you Pinterest-ed?

Have you heard the word about Pinterest?  It's a social sharing site where you can create inspiration boards by pinning all your favorite photos from around the web to your own custom albums.  You can create boards (albums) for whatever you, fashion, decor, travel, or whatever.  It's a great tool for gathering decorating inspiration, recipes, or party ideas, or just admiring all the great things in this world.  Like other social sites, you can follow people and the pictures they pin will show on your home page.  If you like one, you can like it, leave a comment, or repin it to your own board.

 Something To Celebrate - I have a collection of tablescapes and party settings for inspiration.


Lunch Anyone? - My collection of beautiful places to imagine myself enjoying lunch(my own silly enjoyment)

For The Home - This is my more practical inspiration board for my home and my clients homes.

The best part about Pinterest is that you often find your true sense of style through your boards.  After pinning several pictures, you usually start to notice a certain furniture style pop up multiple times or that you continually pin rooms that have bright colors in them.  It's neat to see how you subconsciously put things together.  I've learned that I'm definitely color obsessed and that industrial decor and graphic patterns tend to catch my eye.

This Is Me - My eclectic board defining myself and my style(my favorite to pin)

Let me tell you right now, once you get started, YOU CAN'T STOP!!! Pretty soon every time you see a new picture you'll have an urge to pin it to a new board.  Pinterest auto-updates so your home page is constantly filling with new pictures from all the people you follow.  The most addictive pins are food.  Seeing all the yummy pictures that people post almost sends you into a food coma!  It's also can click on the images to go to their original websites.

What Smells Good - All my favorite recipes and newest must try gems all in one place.

 Don't forget to follow me on Pinterest.  I've got 24 boards going so there's always something new coming up!Let me know if you need an invite.Contact Me

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