Friday, July 27, 2012


Just a simple post today .....

I stumbled upon one of the most inspirational websites today....please read this!

Emily from chatting at the sky  a place for your soul to breathe has a true and beautiful calling 

.....she writes inspiring and healing books for women. I read a sample (1st chapter free HERE ) of her book called  GRACE FOR THE GOOD GIRL

I HOPE you  are moved by this first chapter and it effects you like it did me and you go out and buy several copies too and you pin it on PINTEREST also and I really hope you spread this to as many women that you love dearly ....because I think we all need this!!!


Let me know what you decide after you read the first chapter and let me know if you buy it! I would love to chat about this book.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Double Take

While enjoying my coffee this morning I headed over to one of my favorite blogs, Design Dump by Autumn Clemons. I try to make my blog rounds regularly.....but In an older post of hers I spotted it and did a Double Take. There it was the {almost}twin to my Free Updated Dresser {Here}. She did hers in white ....I had the hardest time deciding between Grey or White and even though now I see them side by side I'm thinking......that it might go White later. I love this dresser and can't wait to see where it evolves to. {the furniture in our home rotates with out warning}

Used in the clients nursery as a changing table

Love the drawer pulls...see the rest of the nursery HERE

In it's next life .....WHITE