Monday, August 1, 2011

Latest Greatest Thing

I have been a fan of Janell of Max and Isabella for quite some time now.
Janell Beals

 I love her style and sense of humor and most importantly how real and  accessible she is.... awhile back she did a post on her dining room table. It arrived a slightly different color than she was expecting and was in the process of "changing" it by toning down the green cast it had...anyone remember this?


At the time she posted this I was in the middle of a clients dining room makeover and this table was a strong contender for the space. I emailed Janell not really thinking I would here from her and to my surprise she wrote me back very quickly and was so kind and helpful.         

All this to say: I have followed her ever since and she has the next greatest thing... besides her wonderful blog she is the mastermind behind her online magazine HOUSE OF FIFTY click on this link to  subscribe for FREE....I promise it is worth it, here are some of my favorites.      
House of Fifty Fall Issue

And here is the table she "toned down" 


                           NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
The Fall issue went live this morning go check it out (here) I already did and here is one of my favorite pics.

I Love The Mix Of Patterns!

A great big "THANK YOU" to Janell for giving us such a wonderful visually satisfying experience.

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Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Thank you Caroline, I remember your email! I actually got several emails from others who had gotten the same table and were happy to find out it could be "altered"!

Working on HOF has been a fun and rewarding adventure, thanks for featuring it today on your blog and for sending me such a kind email today!

All the best, Janell