Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Decor

My favorite season is almost here! I've put together a list of my currant projects and inspirations for this years decor.

This will be in 4 parts
Part 1: Outside Decor
Part 2: Inside Decor
Part 3: Entertaining
Part 4: Recipes

 Start now so you can enjoy these from Oct 1 to Thanksgiving.

Lets start outside............

This for the court yard entry: corn husks layered and topped with a pumpkin, I'm thinking I might alter this with a white pumpkin and WELCOME FRIENDS or our INITIALS painted on it.

You can paint this by free hand with acrylic paint OR If you are not that comfortable  print your font on the computer trace it to freezer paper ,cut it out with an exacto knife and spray the back with 3m spray adhesive. Using acrylic paint dab a dry foam brush and stencil your image....peel off paper and your done.

Something like this in the court yard on the bench if you do not have an old cart or bench try your entry steps or a large hay bale.

And this for the table outside....lanterns + gourds= love

And for the front door one of these................

Start with a simple grapevine wreath add brown moss, grasses, berries, leaves, pheasant feathers and pumpkins. Play with the shape don't just follow the wreath make it cascade down and out on the sides for more interest.

Using a cardboard circle or foam wreath hot glue green moss all around then hot glue real or faux pumpkins in any color ...I might try this with white pumpkins!

Silk leaves glued to a cardboard cut out letter
Paper flowers on a grapevine wreath

This is clever : Use an embroidery hoop with fabric stretched inside and using freezer paper put your initial on the fabric!

Don't forget to add some outdoor lighting

Fill a mason jar with dry beans or sand add a votive candle hang with jute from tree branches....great ambiance!

 The next post will be on the inside FALL DECOR!

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