Friday, October 14, 2011

House Tour

Todays tours take us out of the country, no  

need for passports just grab a warm cup of 

coffee, sit back and linger awhile with these

two rustic farmhouses...... You can almost 

see the stories of their  history in every 

picture, my imagination ran wild with these 

maisons in provence.

I can imagine living here can't you? It has been carefully renovated by it's currant owners and the rustic finishes like wooden beams, stone floors, wood shutters and this side entrance won me over.

       I love how simple yet breathtaking this property feels.

     Entertaining would be so relaxed and carefree can you see it?

 house......a large fireplace in the kitchen!

Our next house is Maison DuJour, La Maison 

Bleue. An 18th century farmhouse Set in the 

national park of Luberon overhanging a 

breathtaking valley with 180 degree views.

    Not too shabby....would make a great vacation home(insert laughter)

    I'm finding it really hard to come up with words for this property!

  The home includes 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms a tutor house on the properties 27 acres, where lavender winds its way through some 100 olive trees. A well maintained garden and an overflowing swimming pool with views that go on for miles.

            Can you imagine the sunrises and sunsets?

   I did not expect such a wonderful restoration....hard to believe  this is 18th Century?

                      I even think my food would taste better cooked here.

                  Enjoy the rest of your day !!


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