Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby Gifts {part 1}......

I needed some  cute and quick baby gifts for several friends recently {it must be in the water}  after seeing the tutorial by How Does She I came up with some burp cloths and a custom screen printed onesie.

Here are the incredibly easy and basic instructions:

-Get your hands on some fabric you love. Fabric.com  -You will be amazed at how many burp cloths you can make with a yard or two of fabric.

-For the back I used a  white terrrycloth {towel} fabric but you can use Chenille. 

-Cut your rectangle. Whatever size. Mine were 10 x 18rectangles some people prefer 9×14.....{I like them a little bigger}

-Place the front of the chenille and front of the patterned material together and pin {so it looks inside out}.

-Sew all the way around all four sides, leaving appx 2 inches un-sewn.
-Use the 2″ hole to flip your fabric right sides out.

-Tuck your rough edges in the  hole pin and run a stich around the outside perimeter of the rectangle.

-Vwalah! Pair them together and you got an incredibly adorable gift.

M is for MIA

 I made a screen and hand printed the onesie .....you can always use freezer paper{ DIY post this week}

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