Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I can't help wishing for snow....I know,  for all you living in a winter wonderland your probably getting a chuckle out of that...HA HA HAAAA!!!  I'm sure if I had to live with it I would end up dreading all the shoveling the chains and slippery roads. But for now I WANT IT !  So bear with me while I dream of my perfect Christmas wishes.

                                    ENJOY and MERRY CHRISTMAS for our home to YOURS !!
#1 A White Christmas

                                                      Maybe more snow than I want.
#2 A beautiful and simple tree

#3 A gracious and inviting table 

#4 Simple and natural decor

#5 Wreaths with fruit

#6 A warm and cozy retreat to escape to

#7 Time to enjoy simple pleasures

                                           #8 A beautiful kitchen to bake and spread love

#9 snow...failing outside my window

#10 A welcoming front door
#11 The cooking gods would call me "queen of the kitchen" 

#12 Wonderful old fashion Christmas memories with my family 

                                             * NOT NECESSARILY IN THAT ORDER

                                Today's Quote " KEEP CALM IT'S ONLY CHRISTMAS"


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