Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WELCOME 2011 !

Happy New Year!   I hope everyone has a wonderful year in store, full of unexpected surprises and delights.

Lets start the New Year off may not sound like fun to some but it can be so freeing. You know... if you don't.... it will linger there over you haunting you every day.

I'm shooting for this look in my pantry......setting the bar too high??

And maybe this for the office......

So hard to pick my favorite .......

        I'll leave you with the best office space for last - Bunny Williams office space die for?

I'll take it.....All of it ...How much to ship it ? Will it come with the old pipes too? GOOD :)

Maybe I should start smaller like the hall closet.......

                         I challenge you to start one of these projects and please share it with us!!

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